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Personal Update

I must apologize to my regular readers for not providing more frequent updates but time, as they say, certainly does fly. A series of personal events has irrevocably impacted my future academic plans, which have migrated from pursuing a PhD in the Humanities to a second master’s degree in Public Administration. Without placing the cart in front of the horse, I anticipate pursuing a MPA (with a certificate in Nonprofit Management) at Villanova University later this August. Eventually, I would like to engage in nonprofit work associated with digital history and the digital humanities.

I’m also very pleased to announce that I landed a new position, as a contributing writer, at History Collection—a commercial website that focuses on military history, war, and politics. The Digitorian is a labor of love that, unfortunately, does not pay the bills. Thus, when push comes to shove, I frequently find myself writing articles about military history rather than the digital humanities.

So, after giving my situation some serious thought, I concluded that I’ll continue posting on The Digitorian, while also sharing regular updates from other projects, provided they in some way relate to digital history or the digital humanities. The articles I write, for example, are crafted almost exclusively upon digital resources available online, so I imagine they’ll find a place here in the future.

Thanks for the continued support and please remember, no matter how fast the march forward, we must pause to consider from whence we came, lest we lose sight of our destination.

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