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Researching and Writing in the Digital Age

As I mentioned in a preceding post, I decided to share some of my exterior projects here on The Digitorian, provided those efforts in someway relate to digital history and the digital humanities. That being said, I recently wrote an article about the USS Texas, a battleship, converted to a permanent museum, currently moored near Houston, Texas. All of my research was exclusively performed online, where I discovered and relied upon a variety of digital sources.

I thought this worth sharing because we often lose sight of how convenient it is living in an age of information and advanced technology. Had I set out to write this article 15 or 20 years ago, only a fraction of the needed information would have been available via the World Wide Web. Today, however, an assortment of archives and research libraries are readily available online.

On a separate note, there’s also a massive effort underway to save the ship. Although she survived two world wars, The Texas is currently under assault by time. Rust is eating away her hull and the ship is taking on more than 300 gallons of a water per day. Several organizations are involved in preserving and conserving this tremendous piece of American history, but they could use our help. Please visit my article at the History Collection and share it to get the word out.

Want to Know More?

The Battleship Texas Foundation

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Office of the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott

The Texas State Legislature

The Houston Chronicle

Neptune Research, Inc.


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