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Dusting Off The Digitorian


Although it might seem a bit trite to say so, time really does “fly.” It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted an update here at The Digitorian and a ton of stuff has transpired in the interim. In addition to turning to freelance writing as a full-time occupation, a variety of personal developments have complicated or otherwise prevented me from blogging on a regular basis.


I’m happy to share that I plan on resurrecting The Digitorian, although that claim might seem a bit counterintuitive in light of recent events. Followers of my Twitter feed, for example, will note that it no longer exists. Moreover, anyone who routinely visits The Digitorian Facebook page will realize that it has likewise been removed. Confused? Please bear with me.


Over the past several months, I realized that my academic and professional interests grew past the parameters I set in creating The Digitorian WordPress blog. As such, I routinely found myself wanting to post concepts and ideas not directly related to digital history or the digital humanities. What resulted is part compromise and part a bold new chapter in my writing career.


As mentioned above, I decided to finally go “all in” and turn to freelance writing as a full-time occupation. One step towards realizing that goal was the launching of a new website, called More a digital portfolio than anything else, this new site is a vehicle for showcasing my talents as a freelance writer, editor, and general history consultant. The new website is just one piece within a larger social media campaign, which includes a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter feed that I hope will propel my new career to greater heights.


Conveniently enough, The Digitorian fits very nicely within some of the above plans. Having a WordPress blog is a great hobby, but also an excellent way to produce original content while learning some valuable marketing skills along the way. All that said, The Digitorian is now connected to my website, via a blogging link, which will allow visitors to access it from the RobRanWrites home page.


In the coming weeks, expect to see regular updates here at The Digitorian. New blogposts will continue to cover interesting aspects of digital history and the digital humanities, while also providing insight on a few tertiary projects and topics. Unrelated professional material and accomplishments, meanwhile, will be posted or otherwise advertised on


Finally, a quick thank you to all the faithful Digitorians out there, who I hope will continue to visit this blog in the future. I also welcome new visitors to the site, who will hopefully enjoy reading the content as much I like writing it. Until next time…


“No matter how fast the march forward, we must pause to consider from whence we came, lest we lose sight of our destination.”


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