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Welcome to The Digitorian, a WordPress blog dedicated to the emerging disciplines of Digital History and the Digital Humanities. My name is Robert Ranstadler, aspiring author/educator and all-around history buff. I created this blog for a variety of reasons but the three main objectives of The Digitorian are:

  1. To provide an open forum where digital historians can share their expertise with the greater scholastic and public communities at large. From intellectuals practicing their craft within the “ivory towers” of academia, to the millions of amateur historians around the world, this blog was crafted with historical and historiographic enthusiasts in mind.
  1. To facilitate a joint exploration of the past, present, and future. Studying history is an incredibly enriching experience, albeit a rigorous and sometimes tedious pursuit. Digital technology offers several exciting new alternatives to traditional research, with the important potential of keeping history relevant in today’s world of mindless social media campaigns and vapid viral videos. Bridging the gap between the distant past and the volatile future is a necessary step in maintaining our collective humanity. No matter how fast the march forward, we must pause to consider from whence we came, lest we lose sight of our destination.
  1. To enhance my personal development and share that journey with others. Recently retiring from a twenty-year-long career in the U.S. Marines, I turned my focus towards education and the path ahead. I managed to complete a B.S. in History, just prior to my retirement, graduated with a M.A. in Military History this past June, and plan to pursue an MPA later this year.  In the interim, I started this blog to explore, research, and share many of my personal and professional interests. Eventually, I plan to incorporate any applicable revelations into my upcoming coursework in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management.

Thank you for visiting The Digitorian and please feel free to stop back frequently.  I plan to provide weekly updates concerning many of the above-mentioned topics, while simultaneously increasing my familiarity with the blogging process and other related platforms.  Constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.  Attach any applicable comments to my upcoming posts or contact me at  Alternatively, you may tweet me @Digitorian or find me on LinkedIn at

– R. C. Ranstadler

                                        Science gives us knowledge, but only philosophy can give us wisdom. 

                                                                                                                             – Will Durant

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